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A smooth transition into the world

While Baby was growing within you, your body was a protective cocoon with a constant supply of food, warmth and comfy carrying. 

By adopting the postures and behaviours of Laid-Back Breastfeeding (LBB) , you can help smooth Baby's transition from your tummy's inner world to the outer world after birth. 

More about LBB 

What is LBB?

Laid-Back breastfeeding (LBB)is a technique in which you lean back comfortably and relaxed, while Baby feeds on top of you on his/her tummy in full contact with your body. Also referred to as Biological Nurturing, this technique is an evidence-based approach that provides proven benefits for both Mum and Baby. These were first systematically studied by Suzanne Colson (RM, PhD) in 2008. 

As you recline, gravity becomes your friend, enabling both you and Baby to use your beneficial innate instincts and reflexes

Breastfeeding becomes a joyful exchange with long-lasting effects! 

Benefits of LBB 

Benefits of LBB

Ultimate comfort for Mum

  • Fully supports neck, arms and back
  • Reduces nipple soreness 
  • Promotes baby gazing and bonding                                                            

Benefits for Baby 

  • Latches naturally with Mum's help 
  • Expresses innate reflexes freely 
  • Extends tummy time 
  • Smooths transition into the world

More cuddle-time and joy for both!

Practising LBB 

Our Bestfeeding Nest gives you all the support and comfort needed for you to fully embrace your LBB journey with Baby! 

Breastfeeding becomes an enjoyable experience that nurtures the Mum-Baby bond for life!

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