Our Purpose 

At Minitembo, we're on a mission to make breastfeeding a joyful journey for every mother and baby. We're here to empower you with comfort, connection, and a loving bond that lasts a lifetime – for you, your baby, and for a loving and caring world.

My Personal Voyage

Minitembo was born out of a simple wish back in 2012: to rewrite the script of breastfeeding comfort. While I cherished every moment nursing my son for 15 months, it wasn't all smooth sailing. Discomfort, pain, and a continuous sense of self-sacrifice were constant companions. No gliding chair or nursing pillow could erase the ache from traditional positions, which lingered for years after. It led me to question: Could there be a way for mothers to nurse without pain, while still enjoying the pure delight of nurturing their babies? A path that offered both comfort and joy?


Discovering New Horizons 

My background in engineering led me on a mission to find a solution. The breakthrough came with Suzanne Colson's ground-breaking research on Laid-Back breastfeeding which unveiled a world of benefits that a simple shift in position could bring – for both mum and baby. 2016 found me in the UK training with Suzanne Colson herself. Her passion and wisdom resonated deeply as she unveiled the magic of laid-back breastfeeding. It's a posture that nurtures instincts, empowers your baby's reflexes, and creates a joyful bond that enhances both of your well-being.

Embracing Change with Gratitude 

The discovery of laid-back breastfeeding ignited my passion to create the Bestfeeding Nest – a haven for mums like you, to breastfeed with comfort and joy. After years of dedication and collaboration, and many prototypes, the Bestfeeding Nest was introduced to the world in March 2023. This journey was never mine alone. The joy and support of my partner, my son, and dear friends, have been the driving force behind this venture.​

A Place for You

At Minitembo, we embrace the beauty of motherhood – the journey, the instincts, and the unique connection you share with your baby. Our approach is centred around you, supporting you in creating your own path while nurturing a joyful bond. Whether you're a first-time mom, a young mom, or someone who's faced challenges before, Minitembo welcomes you with open arms. Let's rewrite the story of breastfeeding together—transforming it into an experience of comfort, joy, and connection. 

Your journey matters, and we're here to walk beside you every step of the way.​