with Minitembo's Bestfeeding Nest

Practising Laid-Back Breastfeeding (LBB) in the Bestfeeding Nest is a natural and instinctive way to feed and interact with Baby

1.   Put your Bestfeeding Nest on your bed, couch or floor, and sit in it. This comfy seat will immediately provide you with complete support to be in the correct reclined position for LBB - where gravity will help you keep Baby’s body moulded to yours.

2. Place Baby tummy down on top of you. Baby’s whole front needs to be in contact with your body (not sideways as in traditional positions). It is very important that Baby’s feet and thighs are in contact with a supportive surface (e.g. your legs). You should be able to have at least one arm free at all times to help you adjust yours or Baby’s position. Skin-to-skin is not required for LBB. 

3. Adjust your reclining angle to your liking  by moving your body up or down with the help of your legs.

4. Modify the height of the pillow to support your neck. You should be able to gaze at Baby with ease and not straining your neck. You can also elevate your legs or bend them if you find this easier.

5. Adjust Baby’s position to reach your breast from the preferred direction. If you had a vaginal birth, it may be easier to position Baby’s feet near your thighs. If you had a c-section, you could place  Baby’s body so feet are well clear of your sensitive areas (in this position, the breast can be approached from many angles).

6. Position Baby’s cheek resting on your bare breast for easy latching. You can assist Baby to reach the nipple as much as you desire. Have in mind that babies can also suckle significant amounts of breast milk while in a light sleep or a drowsy state.

You are fully supported in the Bestfeeding Nest... relax and enjoy your breastfeeding experience! 

  • If you are still feeling post-birth discomfort, try getting into the Bestfeeding Nest by partially sitting on the base of the Nest from the side and lying on it on your side. Then use your legs to prop yourself higher and finally roll onto your back. 
  • For Baby’s safety, we strongly recommend that Mums DO NOT fall asleep whilst using the Breastfeeding Nest.